From outside the Dance Music ecosystem, Skrillex and Martin Garrix look like a dubstep dude and a house dude. Those who know the histories of these prolific artists know there are much deeper influences and styles that drive these two forward as artists. Both are label bosses who support diverse arrays of artists. More importantly though both demonstrate through their latest releases that they’re more than just the people who produced Animals and Scary Monsters. Today, Garrix opened the floor for a potential collaboration between the two in the future.

On an interactive session with Japanese fans, Garrix said the following about the LA producer:

“I’ve known Skrillex for many many years. Because we’re doing so many different styles of tracks, I think it’ll be really interesting if we get in the studio bouncing back and forth with the ideas. I’ve no idea what we will make and that’s what excites me.”

While the move would be a big win for fans of the two, it could also serve as an opportunity to demonstrate the unique qualities of both producers. Skrillex hasn’t responded quite yet, but he’s currently in the process of releasing several “DJ Tools” he made on the road. It would be really cool if he had Garrix come in to work on one of them. Whatever the outcome, we know the two would create something extremely memorable.

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