Mat Zo is by no means an artist who you can peg to one specific style; he’s created numerous sounds as a producer and played sets with a melting pot of genres as a DJ. His newest album Self Assemble is a celebration of the sounds that influenced him, and the tour he’s about to embark on comes with the mission of playing sets with specific themes, in the spirit of when Mat would advertise an “all trance” or “all Dnb” set before his slated timeslot at some festivals.

“Last year I released a full-length album called Self Assemble. It was a cinematic assemblage of of all the varied influences I’ve had since childhood. Likewise, my DJ sets from 2016 drew from many different styles of music. Well, this year I’ve decided to play a series of shows I’m dubbing the ‘Self Disassemble Tour.’ It’s the opposite.”

Zo’s going all out with this idea, saying that over the course of the year you’ll have the chance to see DnB May, old Anjuna Mat, house Mat, and whatever other Mat we left out.

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