It has been 7 years since “Spectrum” was released and changed the landscape of music for Zedd. The debut single, a hit on his album Clarity, gave him much more recognition and propelled his career forward.

Spectrum was written and has vocals from Matthew Koma. The American singer, songwriter, and producer also collaborated with Zedd on “Clarity” as well as other works. Koma has worked with many other artists, including Ellie Goulding, Hardwell, and Shania Twain.

Koma and Zedd no longer work together, and it seems fans have been consistently asking why. Today, he took to Instagram to answer the question. In a note that was screenshot and is several photos, Koma explained how the relationship with Zedd was a toxic one, where he was undervalued, disrespected, and not given recognition that was deserved.

“I want to finally be transparent about this,” Matthew wrote in a lengthy post to his Instagram account. “It’s a really sad truth because I’m extremely proud of the work he and I did together… unfortunately my good feelings toward those songs have all but disappeared as they were experienced alongside someone so toxic and self serving that it occupied the space where any happiness could exist.”

It’s a sad story that Koma tells, and one that he says he is not unique to. He mentions that since no longer working with Zedd, he has encountered other artists and even people on his own team that feel the same way when working with him. He also stresses how many wonderful people he has worked with, ones that have made him feel, “valuable and treated with mutual respect.”

“With millions and millions of dollars and so many hit songs, you’d think you could afford to treat people with kindness and appreciate their role in helping you achieve your dream,” Matthew added. “Ego, success, it’s all happened and been told before. Especially in the context of music….[I’d] rather work at Starbucks and clean the toilets than ever experience that abusive dynamic again. Toxicity doesn’t breed happiness.

As of this writing, there has been no response from Zedd. Read the Instagram post below:

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