Once a rock star, Norwegian artist, Metaspion reinvented his sound when he started producing electronic music and mixing it with his Nordic roots.

“On this album I have continued to make Nordic folk inspired themes over dark, slow and heavy electronic beats. I have gone deeper into both Nordic folk music and sound design on synthesizers. Creating sounds from scratch that blends well with the medieval instruments has been interesting. I think «cryptomeduza» has a bit more spiritual vibe to it than my debut. It’s also a bit darker and harder. It’s not a typical summer album, it’s more like a Nordic winter.”

The influences on the new album can only be describe as raw power. There are constantly themes that take on a dark, shadowy tone and the vocal samples of Nordic howling bring it to life with each song that is introduced. Honestly, the fusion of Nordic elements with the more bass-heavy productions of dance music i.e. trap and dubstep are one of the more perfect creations to come out of EDM.

There is an importance to the release of ‘Cryptomeduza’ that you wouldn’t pick up right away and that’s Metaspion keeping the spirit of Nordic folk music alive with this reinvented music project and the sounds you’ll hear in the album:

“I want to make people dance and to make younger people curious to check out more of the wonderful treasures that are to be found in Norwegian folk music and folk dance. The music is still relevant.”

We can’t wait to jam out to these tunes at a festival!

Check out ‘Cryptomeduza’ down below!

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