Given the circumstances, nobody would immediately dispute the fact that Ultra Music Festival is immortal. It’s hard to believe the 3-day affair won’t detach from Bayfront Park, the festival’s chosen venue of more than two decades. Something as minuscule as a petition from the Miami Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA), with less than 500 likes to its name on Facebook and a website that’s not even active yet couldn’t possibly make a dent in UMF’s legacy. One of the main bases for their concerns was the fact that Bayfront park required a large stretch of time to repair after the festivities at UMF and Hip-Hop festival Rolling Loud settled. Sadly, the petition from said coalition of newer Bayfront residents who can’t stand the noise of the nightlife mecca they moved into gained more traction than anticipated.

The petition was delivered to Commissioner Frank Carollo last July with 1,100 signatures. Carollo listened, and this month he presented Ultra’s organizers with a $2 million price tag in annual payments to the agency that oversees Bayfront Park in order to continue hosting their festival. This new contract demands more than twice the average annual profit that the city received in 2018. Rolling Loud is expected to receive an ultimatum like this as well.

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