We’re excited to bring to you the eerie and anthemic soundscapes of HundredMillionThousand (HMT). The man behind the sonic moniker is Noel Jon, an Iranian Filipino who’s creating quite the boom with his sinister, amplifying sounds. He’s finally pushing out an album thats been in the works for several years and features two rap collaborators that lend their unique flavors to HundredMillionThousand’s upcoming album.

HMT dishes his style outright with the opening track, ‘Yalda’, which alludes to his heritage with Iranian vocals that create suspenseful tone as if you were lost within your own mind when the basslines rattle. The spiritual chant dances to ethnic drum patterns and ‘Yalda’ rocks your body into a spiritual distortion. ‘Serbians’ follows soon after as the album’s third composition and echoes similar depths of despair and nostalgia. HundredMillionThousand finds his solace in his production as part of his battle with mental illness. A male chant causes ‘Serbians’ to rise in progression with breaks of steel blocks and metallic drums bring some chops to the smoothness. D’om is where we hear the machine that is HMT come to life, that beyond the despair there is still life and the machine continues to run, with a steam-engine sample running through the trills.

HundredMillion Thousand conscripts two mighty rappers to bring some utter chaos: Cab’ral and Kurai. You can peep ‘Exalted’ that features Kurai down below that really echoes the struggle of life and the urge to move forward despite the negativity that hinges us to ground. Drugs, alcohol, sex and substances are all the common themes throughout HMT’s vocal productions that are seen as the chains or solutions to struggle. A watch through the ‘Exalted’ music video and you can quickly tell that HMT plays a heavy hand in all aesthetics of the project including the visuals, music video, and photography.

HundredMillionThousand’s ‘lp1’ will have a very limited, exclusive vinyl release on April 8, 2017.

‘lp1’ Tracklisting:
1. Yalda
2. Rescue Feeling ft. Cab’ral
3. Serbians
4. D’om
5. Exalted ft. Kurai & maso
6. Tunnelism ft. Kurai
7. Magic ft. Cab’ral
8. Flamingo ft. Cab’ral
9. Cathedral ft. Cab’ral

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