The story behind Morsifire is a solemn one. You can hear it from the get go in his music. The themes you hear, the messages he raps. As corny as it sounds, his life would’ve been darker if his raps and music didn’t serve as an outlet of his self-expression. His studies at the Berklee College of Music, travels and brief studies in Spain, eventually wound him back in San Francisco to hone his skills and chops. San Francisco has always served as source of inspiration that he also give back to. Morsifire leads workshops, where he teaches kids how to produce and record their own music.

A culmination of time and hard work has procured his debut album, which will be released on October 11, 2019. His first single, ‘Contact’ is dedicated to his young sister, who unfortunately is no longer in this world. You could call it alternative hip hop, but we’d like to think of it as Morsifire’s type of rap and poetry that he can channel his grief through. The lyrics can be heart-breaking, even if you don’t know his story, Morsifire tells it beautifully despite the solemn messages.

Morsifire on his upcoming album says:

“Making this record helped me work through my grief…. My music is not something you flip on while you cook or party. It’s not passive shit. It’s involved.”

Check out ‘Contact’ down below!

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