The UK is beginning a phased reopening of theaters and music venues as of this week. After running a few practice pilots, the government will commence a phased reopening of venues that are not in high-risk areas. “The nation’s hard work to keep the virus under control means we can now make further careful progress on recovery with allowing audiences back for indoor performances, fans back at sports events, and the reopening of more COVID-19 secure leisure businesses,” said culture secretary Oliver Dowden. “We must all continue to stay alert, but today’s welcome news means these organizations can finally get going safely, and we can enjoy more of the things we love as a nation. The UK government previously planned to implement this change in July, but held off after a rise in COVID-19 cases.

The reopening phase includes social distancing and safety measures. In addition to venues, sporting events and theaters will also begin a run of socially distanced events. If all goes well, Brits would be able to attend indoor and outdoor performances, including sporting events, with bigger crowds by October.

Hopefully, the US gets its shit together so we can start having live events soon!


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