In today’s world of corporate monotony, Switzerland-based composer, orchestrator, instrumentalist and producer Nashaat Salman is on a musical journey to break the daily hustle and bustle with his new single ‘Live It All My Way’. An anthem to inspire the overworked, corporate grunts to get out there and live life to the fullest.

Nashaat says:

giving love, being loved, free their mind and their souls “…and look for change within themselves first as “the grass on the other side is not always green”.

The message is especially powerful as ever as the world is stricken with the ongoing global pandemic that threatens the mortality of mankind. That may have been an overreach, but Nashaat’s message is tried and true. The meaning to life is not about dollar signs, although that may make superficial matters in our daily lives easier, what truly matters is the love you share and create with family and friends. That love and the memories it creates will last a lifetime.

Nashaat collaborates with Emmy nominated composer and singer, John Lee Sanders, whose voice helps bring this powerful message to light.

Check it out down below!

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