Now that we’ve lost Prince, a legend, a music icon, and more, any remixes, covers, or tributes are just not enough to spark the magic Prince really made. There is one exception and that’s from DJ and producer duo NERO, who made a tribute to Prince back in 2012 and covered his song, “Electric Intercourse.”

Here is what NERO had to say about their cover:
Back in 2012, whilst working at paramount studios in LA, we decided to spend a couple of hours recording a cover of one of our favourite Prince songs – Electric Intercourse. The little known original track was never actually released by Prince and exists only as a live recording from First Avenue in 1983. It says something about the greatness of an artist when such a cool song doesn’t make the grade. Apparently it was destined to be on Purple Rain but Prince thought that he already had too many down tempo songs for the album. Recently he began playing a new version of Electric Intercourse in his live shows.

We thought we’d share this with you and pay homage to one of our absolute heroes and without doubt one of the greatest writers, musicians and performers to have ever lived.”

We’re thankful for Prince and for NERO’s recent upload to cheer up fans. Take a listen below.

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