We’re all sitting and waiting for events to get back to normal so we can dance together once again. The announcement of vaccines on the horizon has made it that much more reachable. Even with a vaccine, however, the events industry won’t be what it was. COVID-19 has changed that forever.

It’s hard to imagine how events will run in the future. Right now, we have drive-in raves. The idea came from Ticketmaster to have a testing and vaccine system set up with an app to gain event access. The UK has a rapid test system that they have launched, backed by Swallow Events.

Swallow Events, a UK event management company, has launched a service which offers Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency-approved 15-minute turn-around pop-up testing facilities which can be conducted by government-approved healthcare professionals on any size and scale.  Although it is a UK-based company, they are offering this to events around the world. It will, hopefully, allow large-scale events to once again happen. The test has 99.68% specificity, and Swallow Events is working in conjunction with any local authority restrictions and necessary health and safety precautions.

This is innovative, awesome news. While the cost means that smaller event companies may not be able to afford the service, large-scale events will be able to. Between this and the vaccine, it is only a matter of time before we’ll be back at festivals, concerts, and everything else that we love that has been paused in 2020.

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