Veteran producer and prolific electronic music artist, Nicholas Gunn, is here with a new LP, ‘Sound Condition’. It’s 10-track album full of pleasantries and ambience that is carefully produced and curated to live up the album’s name. He’s enlisted an returning vocalist many fans of Gunn will recognize, Alina Renae. The album is perfectly constructed and is filled with fluidity, textures, and emotions that I would argue is that exact opposite of the emotional ride that was 2020. If we had this album on loudspeakers throughout the globe, perhaps our future would have been shaped differently. In fact, it is exactly what Nicholas Gunn would describe as a ‘Sound Condition’.

If 2020 were to have a soundtrack, it may sound like this. At least to me it does. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that being in sound condition (in every respect) matters. Sound condition, in its actual definition, means to improve ourselves and our surroundings.

Nicholas Gunn has helped produced and compose over 21 studio album records along with countless other projects that have reached millions worldwide. He’s one of those producers that is ‘genre-less’ as he’s had a hand in producing or composing albums across countless genres. On his own, he continues to push the envelop of experimental and ambient music that continually finds peace and tranquility among many, many layers of complex textures and soundscapes.

Check out ‘Sound Condition’ down below!

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