Following the release of his last single we covered, ‘Stay By Me‘, Nick de la Hoyde returns with yet another feel good track, ‘About U’. Tugging at the heart strings, Nick gets straight to the point with his voice that is sure to melt you heart in an instant. The love song has a deeper message of getting know the ins and outs of a person that you share a deep connection with. Their faults, their struggles, the highs and low. A deep love and infatuation towards a person that you go talk on and on with as if time stood still.

Whether his releasing his own solo works or releases with his brothers as D.E.L., Nick de la Hoyde embodies whatever emotions he’s feeling through music. It comes with no surprise that he’s garnered a following with listeners from all around the globe. His debt album ‘A Beautiful Mess’ took the pop album category win at the 18th Independent Music Awards (IMA) in 2020. With just a few months left in 2021, we hope to see another spectacular release from Nick de la Hoyde.

Listen to ‘About U’ down below!

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