Noveliss, a member of the legendary hip hop group Clear Soul Forces, is out with a brand new album, ‘Book of Changes’. A lyrical masterpiece with renowned beatmaker and producer, Dixon Hill, the two have powerful album out called ‘Book of Changes’. Based on the principles found in the Ancient Chinese text, Yi Jing (I Ching), the album and ancient text can be seen as a book of endless wisdom.

Aside from the ancient text, ‘Book of Changes’ has the moves and feels of an extraordinary force. The track-list is broken down to go hand and hand with the sections of Yi Jing. The album draws deeper meanings and a spiritual connection to the text through themes of isolation, meditation, balance, and wisdom. While Noveliss gives the album its soul, Dixon Hill provides the heartbeat. From samples and live instrumentation to field recordings of nature, Dixon Hill productions are what allows each track to breath.

Conceived, developed, and created in isolation, ‘Book of Changes’ is an album we can all relate to and should be drawn towards during these unforeseen times.

Check out ‘Book of Changes’ down below!

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