Sup? is making their music and NFT debut both at the same time. Their debut single ‘I Quit’ is a hip-hop jam with tongue-and-cheek lyrics that play with the desire to quit things in our life that no longer push us further as better people. their message also promotes the power of taking control of matters in your life and how the idea of quitting shouldn’t been seen as a weakness. ‘I Quit’ is short and sweet jam that clocks in just over 2 minutes giving listeners a little taste of what’s to come from Sup?

I Quit. Two words we have all wanted to say about so many different things this past year. Society has always tried to reinforce the idea that quitting is weak, and that there is something inherently bad about a Quitter. This track is a triumphant ode that flips that notion on its head, and celebrates the empowerment one feels when they take control of their own destiny. Quitting something that no longer serves you is an important step in the journey of life. These are the victorious sounds of Quitting that thing you no longer need.”

The duo is made up of long time homies, Guy Zalaxy and Bucky Skullet, who ‘harness the power of true friendship to create sounds that soothe your soul.’ Their plan is to release all their music exclusively through NFTs, selling a limited amount of copies per release. Entering the crypto space is still a relatively new frontier for musicians, citing the financial freedom and many other benefits for artists alike.

You can find more information or purchase the ‘I Quit’ NFT here.

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