Private Servers were a hot topic of the entirety of last year; it looks like news related to the subject has come to involve more than just a political figure. Porter Robinson’s old demos from 2011-2014 were recently taken from his own when an individual hacked his server. The demos were leaked last night which spurred a statement from Robinson’s management team:

Recently, a server was hacked which contained Porter Robinson demos from the years 2011-2014, as well as some more recent live show related music files.

The leak contains nothing that Porter is currently working on, nor anything that was planned for future release. The leaked music represents very old demos / ideas that Porter never intended to release at any time.

Robinson went on Twitter earlier this year to indicate music he was truly proud of making, excluding many of the more heavy music he started his career as a producer with. Needless to say, was this handful of demos probably won’t be added to the list of songs he’s proud of either

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