Now on their third full-length album, Canadian electronic music duo Oneo Fakind, is proud to present ‘The Start of Something’. If this is you’re first time listening, the album’s first single ‘The Coniologist’ will be a great introduction. The song as well as the album, listens like an introspective electronic jam session, exploring elements of space, the universe and the great beyond. Honestly, it’s a perfect soundtrack for video games or when you want to expand your mind.

Oneo Fakin formed in 2017 with the release of their first album, Your Secrets are Safe With Us. It incorporated ambient and psychedelic electronica with hip hop and trap while also taking inspiration from live jam sessions on subways. Their second album ‘Friendly Reality Ambush Squad’ took a similar approach but took on more complexed layers to take their sound to new heights. ‘The Start of Something’ was recorded during the midst of the global pandemic, and continues to surprised us with their ability to curate beautiful sounds during these rather dark times.

Listen to ‘The Start of Something’ down below!

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