Pasquale Rotella’s labor of love took him to the East coast this past couple of weeks to prepare for EDC New York. The dynamic return to Citi Field will feature a better setup according to the Insomniac CEO. He expressed his understanding of the fans’ concerns about the last EDC in that venue on his Night Owl Radio show, confirming that this new event would address those concerns and reimagine the way the experience is had. In addition to this mission, Pasquale stopped into NYU to speak with aspiring industry members.

Magnetic Mag broke down a host of topics covered on the talk; what caught our attention the most was Rotella’s interest in bringing a community together focused on breakbeats.

“Rotella himself believes that breakbeats are overdue for the spotlight. He admits to working on an as-yet- unnamed breaks-focused party, perhaps lending weight to a recent groundswell of support for the genre thanks to everyone from bass heavies Jauz & Eptic and Barely Alive, to industry prognosticator deadmau5, to UK warehouse mainstays Bicep and their it’s-everywhere remix of Isaac Tichauer’s “Higher Level.” 

Insomniac knows how to create families of people based on the sounds they like. Basscon, Bassrush, and Dreamstate are three prime examples of the work Insomniac puts into eliminating the separation that overly divisive subgenres can create; there’s no doubt that this new venture will carry the same longevity as all brands that have come before it.

Read the full interview on Magnetic Mag.

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  1. Anonymous

    Breakbeats will never die!! It’s Wuki ,Stanton Warrior’s and Wes Smith’s moment to shine!


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