The growing concern over the final fate of EDC Las Vegas has been putting ravers in an anxious state. Every day that goes by the news shows the pandemic isn’t slowing down as new cases continue to rise and if the number of cases skyrockets after every major holiday weekend how could fans contemplate that their future events will continue to stay on the calendar? The tweets, posts, comments all boil down to one question, will EDC be happening this October?

For those who were wondering why Pasquale has been silent on the EDC updates, he gave a small update today via Instagram Stories;

“I know many of you have been asking me for updates on EDC LV in October. We’re working closely with local authorities & health officials to explore all possible options, but we’ll only have the show if it’s SAFE! I’ll have a more definitive update for everyone in  the next few weeks.”

I can’t help this feeling of déjà vu that takes me back to when we were in this same uncertainty with Beyond Wonderland and Coachella back in March. A lot of ravers are saying it’s still going to happen while the majority of ravers are saying it won’t be, not until 2021, hopefully.

The speculations will continue till we receive answers but no matter the fate ravers just remember that our safety is the number one priority. It is better to be safe and stay home than risk our lives or the lives of someone we love over a festival. We hope to hear from Pasquale soon but it is time to start preparing for the possibility of us not homing home under the electric sky this year.

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