Those who purchased tickets for the 20th anniversary of EDC had a golden opportunity to buy early as a means to dodge Nevada’s steep new entertainment tax. This coming year will not yield such a lucky break.

With the 9% sanction well underway, the question arises: will Insomniac continue to abide by the state’s tax and charge more for tickets, or is it time for a new move?

“We don’t want our crowd alienated, and we’ve been doing our best to represent their interests,” remarked Rotella in an interview with LA Weekly. As crazy as it would be to reimagine a festival and its entire week of programming in preparation for it, the tireless nights of planning isn’t something we’d put past the offices responsible for the most creative festival in the US. Pasquale and Insomniac have no plans to leave Las Vegas yet, but he warned that Insomniac could “absolutely” consider moving if taxes ever put ticket prices too high.


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  1. Monet Sando

    I loved it when EDC was in LA! The heat in Vegas is just too intense especially during the summer. Take it back to LA! Also I think it should be 21 and over!


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