We’re all extremely grateful that Paul van Dyk made a significant recovery from his fall at A State of Trance’s Utrecht event in 2016.

During his A State of Trance show in February 2016, van Dyk stood on top of the stage design. While it’s common practice for DJs to jump on their booth, speakers, or the stage structure to build hype, nobody forewarned him that the stage was unstable.

Today saw an update to the legal case against the event organizers of the festival, with $12,588,643.45 total awarded to Van Dyk as ordered by the court. LA news source The Blast reports that this breaks down into $2 million for medical bills, $1.2 million for lost wages due to performances he missed during recovery, $2.475 million for prospected future loses over the next 10 years and $5.5 million for other damages. The fall caused serious damage to his spine and a long-lasting brain injury.

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