Goa has to this day been hailed as one of the places where the true spirit of raving originated, and as such has been as untouched as Ibiza, Las Vegas, and other party capitals of the world. However, following the rise of unemployment rates and deaths for two party goers at a recent event in the village of Anjuna, local police have been instructed to crack down on the influx of drugs into the country.

“Rave parties on beaches or remote areas should be totally stopped,” says Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who made the order to the police. “… Late night rave parties are illegal and it is where drugs are consumed and distributed…[The] complexity of drugs has increased and there are many drugs which cannot be identified easily. That is one challenge that the police are facing.” Overall, Parrikar’s hope is to increase the productivity of the country’s young people, who he feels will be misguided if he does not step in to reduce drug use. Harm reduction is another problem, as new narcotics are surfacing in the country to the point where authorities are not sure what drugs are being taken.


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