São Paulo has churned out this incredible collaboration. Pontifexx and Deadline have teamed up to release their latest cut to hit the global airwaves, ‘The Light’. It’s a very hard-hitting progressive house tune with an emotional melody that might bring a tear in your eye. It’s song that any progressive house DJ should consider when they want get real with the vibes in their set. Get ready for ‘The Light’, and prepare to have  your system blown.

Pontifexx is currently riding the success of his previous singles, ‘Out There’ released by Sony Music and ‘Rising’ by Armada Music. His talents won over his previous collaborators Goldfish and the Grammy Award Winner artist Gustavor Bertoni. Deadline has also the 2019 discography of his own with singles such as ‘Burn’, ‘Find Me’, and ‘Open Your Heart’ hitting the global airwaves.

Check out their amazing collaboration down below!

GDE: Hi Pontifexx, welcome to GDE – how’s your Summer season been, so far?
Pontifexx:Hello, thanks for having me. It has been fantastic so far. I’ve been fulfilling my two biggest drives… Playing for big crowds and producing new stuff.

GDE: Congratulations on your release ‘The Light’ – How was it working together with Dead-Line?
Pontifexx: Working with Deadline was amazing. He is very talented and having the opportunity to share the studio with him in many aspects, was really fun. The hard work came to be very light and the song turned out to be a great piece. ‘The Light’ is the spike of a bigger project, which is an EP with 4 tracks, that I’m releasing this Friday!

GDE: Are you planning any remixes?
Pontifexx: I’m not planning any remixes for this track yet, but definitely for the EP.

GDE: In Brazil, is the fan base for electronic music as wide as the United States?
Pontifexx: I believe so. As with the US, Brazil is a continental size country with a substantial population (220 million). Every single place I go to; I feel like I’m playing to a new crowd. Almost if it is a new country and the electronic music fan base is growing on the daily basis and people are very open to the scene.

GDE: Casting your mind back, what was your very first track that got signed to a record label?
Pontifexx: I signed my first track with Sony called ‘Out There’ (with Gustavo Bertoni). It was my first big release and today the song has more than 4 million plays only in Spotify.

GDE: If you could work with any three artists in the world – who would they be & why?
Pontifexx: Calvin Harris – besides being a big fan, I admire his versatility surfing between club and radio productions.
Flume – Also I’m a big fan & the way he comes out with brand new fresh beats, is remarkable. It would be a dream to sit with him in the studio.
And lastly, Rufus Du Sol – I listen to a lot of their productions and i love their uniqueness. It would be great to be able to produce with them.

GDE: And lastly, having already played Lollapalooza this year – what’s your schedule for the rest of 2019?
Pontifexx: It has been a very busy year and throughout 2019, I have gigs every weekend – playing all around Brazil and looking forward to my international tour at the end of the year.

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