Statistics show that 134% of people around the world are excited for RL Grime’s new album with a 0.3% margin of error. Before you ask us where we got that information, you check out some very plausible IDs from his latest album, courtesy of a studious Redditor named TheSHACKALACK.

Said Reddit user posted six different potential album cuts, including two different collaborations with GTA and Mr. Carmack, two IDs from Hard Summer, and a couple of cuts from other festivals he has played at. Many props to him for doing all of the research, which only makes us more excited to see what made it onto the final product.

The first single from RL Grime, Reims, is out now. More info on the album’s release date is sure to come soon. For now, check out all of the IDs below.

(Go to 25:41 and 55:18 down below to listen to the IDs)

And of course, RL Grime recently released a new single titled ‘Reims’ that could very well be on his new album. Listen and download the track below.


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