Post Death Soundtrack is an inter-city music project in Canada composed of Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson. Communicating with each other from Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto, the group has been producing music with each in just under a decade (Buck and Moore actually founded the band in 2007, and Ireson joined on shortly after in 2008). Together, the three are known for their profound music that blends the genres of rock, electronic, industrial, and pop creating quite the sound out of your speakers.  Release activity from Post Death Soundtrack underwent a hiatus after 2011 through 2016 after Moore’s successful surgery and battle with cancer; the group put out ‘The Unlearning Curve’, a 9-track album, in 2016.

Now after a full year, Post Death Soundtrack is proud to announce a 17-track remix album of ‘The Unlearning Curve’ entitled ‘Let Your Colors Run’ – the Remixes. The remix album plays homage to everything Post Death Soundtrack is all about from pop, industrial, and a lot of house. Shrodinger’s Transmitter mix of ‘Our Time Is Now’ opens the album up with long progressive, and suspenseful chords and basslines to ready your ears for the rest of the album. Oomack’s remix of ‘White Light’ was the next track to catch out ears. A deep and progressive house rework of ‘White Light’ rework that complemented exceptionally with the songs guitar riffs and melodies, showcasing simplicity in music at its finest. XSRY’s mix of ‘Our Time Is Now’  features an industrial and electronic rock blend that caters to the song’s hype with fast pace, convulsing basslines.

Jon Ireson lends another remix on ‘Beauty Eyes’ with his Dark Highway mix that pushes deep house productions with fast, groovy bass and  high progressive synths. Listeners will encounter a bit of symphony and folk again with Ireson’s Daring Rescue of ‘Beauty Eyes’ that showcases an experience completely different from what Dark Highway had to offer. Vitowsky pushes the envelope and offers the only dubstep remix in the album with his rendition of ‘I Adore White Light’. Chants of ‘White Light’ slowly build up a hypnotic vibe until reach a pinnacle climax into the sawtooth-basslines of vitowsky’s true nature.

The album finds peace with the closing remix of Transform in White Light, Shaun Friesen’s poem, which consists of one long, anthemic build up that leads to the album’s fade out. Listeners will be happy to find all areas that touches on what Post Death Soundtrack and their collaborators have to offer.

Purchase ‘Let Your Colors Run’ – the Remixes HERE.

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