Coming from Vancouver is The Goat, one of Canada’s rising techno stars. We got a sneak peak into his upcoming album ‘The Details Are Vague’. It listens as an after-hours, peak vibes techno album that you’ll want to be dancing and sweating to at your favorite dark underground club or warehouse. Absolute mint vibes, The Goat has perfected his craft in the darker elements of dance music. It’s industrial, it’s forward-thinking, it’s for the club plays, and we can’t get enough of it.

‘The Details Are Vague’ is a 12-track LP and will be released on June 11th via Groundwerks Recordings.

“This music on The Details Are Vague didn’t come from an easy place. These last few years were very emotionally taxing and there was a lot of uncertainty with it.  As we all went through it, I felt like I wanted to tap into that. I wanted the unease of this past year to live inside the music. So you’ll hear a lot of depth to the design.

A lot of techno draws from dystopian imagery and art concepts and things. I just wanted it to sound human.  Nothing about it is pretty. And a lot of it will have frailty to it. It reflects how delicate we are as humans in life. But also how fickle people can be towards each other. ”

The GOAT has previously played alongside techno and tech-house heavyweights Chris Liebing, Layton Giordani, and Kevin Saunderson. There are few features on ‘The Details Are Vague’ and 100% original productions of non-stop thumping techno. Following the release of the album will be 2 separate follow up remix albums with contributions from MSTRKRFT, Risa Taniguchi, Joel West, ANNA V, MÆDON, & Alex Bau.

While you wait for the release of ‘The Details Are Vague’, take a look through The GOAT’s back catalogue down below!

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