Today Walker & Royce have debuted the second track off their forthcoming Self Help album due out on DIRTYBIRD October 20. This next offering ‘Rub Anotha Dub’ features vocals from House music pioneer Green Velvet, further showcasing Walker & Royce’s rich connection with the genre’s history and future alike.
‘Rub Anotha Dub’ portrays the footwork inducing beats and dizzying bassline that continues Samuel Walker and Gavin Royce’s reign over this year’s dancefloors world-wide. Their iconic production and building synth work retains their signature anthemic melody play while Green Velvet steps to the mic to tell a story of a club night’s past. This one is certainly for the peak times on the dance floor.It is this interconnection between producer and vocalist that helps to create the deep sense of emotion felt throughout the release. By giving up the bedrock of song structure to the creative process of the vocalist, Walker & Royce explore a selfless and diversely passionate style of production known by few. Their journey is one defined by such relationships and this album stands as a culmination of the highs and lows shared along the way.
The release of the second single off Self Help comes just days before the guys head off on their 2017 album tour, kicking off with a run of European dates, culminating with shows at Germany’s Kater Blau and Egg London. They then turn their sights back towards home, kicking off the U.S. leg of the tour with a weekend at October’s Dirtybird Campout. From there, Walker & Royce begin their journey across North America with a slew of club and festival gigs; notable stops include Dirtybird Players parties in Brooklyn and Washington DC, San Francisco’s Halycon, Chicago’s Spybar, Detroit’s Grasshopper Underground, Los Angeles’ Sound and San Diego’s Bang Bang, with more dates set to be announced soon.Self Help puts forth a career-defining debut album – an immensely clever project that lures listeners in with club-ready grooves only to leave them in contemplation. Walker & Royce invite you to get lost in the flowing constructs of their imagination while they search for the constantly evolving remedy of Self Help.

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