New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has demanded $20,000 in fines from the organizers of a live event that occurred in the Hamptons this last summer. “In the Know Experiences,” the group that hosted the charity event, had The Chainsmokers play to a crowd that failed to social distance or enforce mask-wearing.

That gathering of more than 2000 people violated the state’s public health law and an executive order that Cuomo issued. “As I said immediately following reports of this event, it was an egregious violation of the critical public health measures we have had in place since the beginning of this pandemic to protect New Yorkers from COVID-19,” Governor Cuomo said. “We will continue to hold people and businesses accountable for their actions and the local governments must enforce the rules or else we will hold them accountable as well.”

Though the people who attended the event said they felt safe, several pieces of photo and video evidence show how lax the social distancing rules were enforced. New York started the pandemic with alarmingly high numbers but became a state with one of the lowest case numbers as time went on. As it stands now, the state’s cases remain at a low point.

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