Two veteran dance music DJs and producers have teamed up to bring the world their amazing collaboration. Although the two have very different backgrounds in their music upbringing, the two are presenting a hip-hop, trap, and pop fusion to showcase their ability to bring new sounds to contemporary dance music. The two have enlisted singer and songwriter, Ashley Jana, who has worked the likes of eSQUIRE, a highly acclaimed UK producer. Having just premiered their collaboration has already selected as a top pick for Apple Music Turkey.

Purple Phase was previously a producer in the UK house music scene when he produced as Meric. After finding himself in the midst of 90s dance music wave and music influences from his older brother, it was only natural that Meric would emerge. Later down the road, he would rebrand himself as Purple Phase to take on new sounds in his current project. KCRL is an all around dance music producer from Istanbul, who has experimented with countless sounds and production techniques to create a variety of projects in Turkey’s music scene. Together the two of them are set to bring about a discography of anthems and bangers to the scene.

Check it down below!

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