Welcome to GDE Robert & thanks for joining us today! How’s 2019 been treating you so far?
I’m very happy with the campaign progress of my latest album & 2019 has been very fruitful – both spiritually and mentally which go together hand in hand.

Congratulations on your album – Chrysalis! How long was it in the planning & production?
Started production in September 2018, then recording and mixing from Oct 2018 to April 2019.

Tell us a little about your musical journey so far & getting to this point in your career?
Started out playing Bass and writing lyrics in a band called The Habits thru out the U.S. 2002 thru 2010. In 2012, I began listening to more and more electronic music and formed a new interest in trying to create original music with loops and textures.

Inspiration. From all the ups and downs encountered day to day & thru experiencing successes as well as failures with friends and family. Some software instruments that have inspired me musically – Spectrosonics, Output, Native instruments, Exhale and Splice loops.

When it comes to song writing, is this something you tend to do solo?
Yes, solo in terms of writing songs and lyrics. Lyric ideas usually depend on the melody, inspiring the words.

There’s a strong mix of styles across the LP, which was most challenging to produce?
Walking thru my soul was the most challenging, with many, many tracks – around 125

As an artist, have you faced any challenges or defining moments?
Yes, not to over think a song. Focusing on the present time & being happy in the moment with the song that’s created instead of trying to read into the future.

In three words, describe your signature sound to us?

What’s the music scene like in your homeland, currently?
Stuck in the Past…

And finally, what’s next for Robert Michaels looking at 2019 & beyond?
Change, Explore, Passion & have no Boundaries

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