R-Wan is a French DJ/Producer who has deep roots with various figures in the music industry. Churning out banger after banger, his work has won over the support from various EDM superstars such as Calvin Harris, Afroack, Hardwell, and David Guetta just to name a few.He has collaborated with huge names by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Fatman Scoop. You can liken his music to set perfectly on a festival main stage or a highly energetic Las Vegas nightclub. Just pure bliss and energy!

In his latest release, R-Wan cranks out this uplifting dance floor showstopper, ‘Elevator’ featuring vocals by Mike Jay. It’s a surefire radio hit and will soon be blasting on a proper sound system near you!

Check out ‘Elevator’ and few words from R-Wan down below!

GDE: Welcome to GDE, R-Wan. How is this year taking shape for you? 
R-Wan: Thanks for the interview, this year is pretty busy with a lot of music in process as well as touring all around the world.
GDE: Congratulations on your new single, ‘Elevator’ – how did the collaboration with Mike Jay come about? 
R-Wan: We already collaborated on an earlier track ‘Take Me Away’ and we decided to repeat this experience. I really like Mike Jay’s vibe and voice, he is a real creative person and always comes up with something special.
GDE: You’ve seen a lot of global success in recent times, how do you manage to juggle your recording & touring commitments?
R-Wan: I work almost fourteen hours per day when I’m in Paris, so I just schedule the studio time during this period and when I’m travelling, I’m just focusing on my shows.
GDE: ‘Elevator’ would also compliment a remix, is this something you’re planning to do? 
R-Wan: Unfortunately no, but if any producer is ready to do something – I’m down to listen to it and potentially release on my label.
GDE: How is the music scene in your homeland, at this moment in time? 
R-Wan: Actually the music scene is 80% Urban focused and the young generation love it, in fact I used to play Hip Hop in most of my European shows.
GDE: With past collaborations with figures including Big Ali & Busta Rhymes, can you reveal any others you have coming up?
R-Wan: I have a new track with Snoop Dogg, Big Ali and Lumidee which hopefully is coming out before the summer. I’ve been working on it for the last seven months so, I’m really exited about this one!
GDE: Where is your favourite club in the world right now to DJ? 
R-Wan: I don’t have any specific favourite club but I prefer to play in Asia mostly.
GDE: And finally, what’s next for R-Wan that your fans should look out for? 
R-Wan: A lot of new music, mixes and a full summer tour – with 43 shows around Europe, Africa and United States.

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