Coachella is one of the most well-known festivals in the United States. Put on by Goldenvoice, it occurs for two weekends every April in Indio, California.

The festival itself has a culture wrapped around it; celebrities, influencers, and people from all over the world come to take pictures near the infamous Ferris Wheel and be present for what is always an awesome lineup.

Coachella always lets its lineup drop at some point in January. They never preface when, and then tickets go on sale (for those who did not get them during the pre-sale in June), days later. Many of us have sat and watched that little man walk across our screen, willing him to run so that we get tickets before the festival sells out yet again.

Goldenvoice, of course, knows the artists earlier than January, and does this just for Coachella; Stagecoach, the country music festival put on by the same company the weekend after Coachella, has their lineup drop in October. In the meantime and between time, people sit and contemplate who might be on the lineup, especially when artist tours are announced. If there is a mysterious two week gap, and they may be around the west coast, rumors fly. For the most part however, other than when Beyoncé had to push her headlining off by a year due to having twins, the artists and the headliners are kept hush until THE BIG announcement.

Rage Against the Machine changed that for 2020. The band, who has not played together since 2011, posted their tour schedule up on their social media, and on it were the two weekends in Indio. When people connected the dots and realized what happened, Wayne Kamemoto, a longtime associate of the band just said, “The band’s social media is accurate.”

It’s been a busy two days for rock lovers – My Chemical Romance just announced they were reuniting and now Rage Against the Machine is doing the same, as well as taking the Friday headlining spot at Coachella. Coachella is a mixed genre festival, bringing in rock, EDM, and everything in between to the festival. A rock headliner usually plays Friday. Past headliners have included Radiohead, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Eminem, The Gorillaz, Outkast, and The Black Keys. While the leak disrupts the santicty of the lineup drop, many are happy to have a small piece of lineup a little early.

See the tour announcement below:

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