Big Terror is a three piece outfit created by the (un)holy union of Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench Team. This is a project backed by the influences of smooth jazz, hip hop, and indie. Its the type of music you’d want to listen to in an underground cafe, dark and dingy to really get the vibes that Big Terror gives off. Not to worry, for the name of project isn’t an assault on your ears, but something rather smooth and pleasant to kick back and listen to. For the groups first project together, they’ve enlisted a good handful of artists for special features that include: Jez Heller, Anna Yeats, Alex Hamilton, Ben Laidlow, Christopher Rees, UncleP, and Chiara Ciabatonni.

A few of our favorite tracks include: ‘Feed The Impossible’ featuring Anna Yeats and Ben Laidlow, which offers listeners an experience to that of the Gorillaz. Anna provides a heavenly, angelic vocal that is complemented with the smooth singing by Ben Laidlow. ‘Clouds and Streets’ featuring Chiara Ciabatonni, Jez Heller, and UncleP throw a downtempo, chill indie track that has a melancholy listening experience, try not to shed a tear over it.

We’re looking forward to hearing more releases from this incredible project.

Check out ‘Big Terror’ down below!

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