REFORM returns to Los Angeles on Labor Day Weekend 2021 as a split day-into-night event concept that aims to showcase and elevate the presence of cutting-edge electronic music in Los Angeles, with a focus on quality Techno and House.

REFORM launched in 2019 with Robert Hood, Insolate, DJ Hyperactive and Annika Wolfe playing REFORM by Day, while Perc, Adam X, Dimi Angelis and EAS brought harder techno sounds to the REFORM by Night programming. Despite an already announced lineup in 2020, the REFORM team were forced to put their 2020 plans on hold due to the pandemic, but it is with the same ethos and goals that they announce the full REFORM Summer 2021 Lineup, taking place on Sunday and Monday of Labor Day Weekend.

On Sunday, September 5th 2021 REFORM will be taking over the bustling and historic bi-level Catch One venue with a 4-room House + Techno lineup. Located on Pico Avenue near Downtown Los Angeles, Catch One originally opened in 1973 and was the longest-running black gay dance bar in the city. It now serves as one of LA’s premiere multi-purpose venues, making it an ideal space for REFORM to host 20+ Techno, House and Experimental artists across four rooms.

REFORM by Day will be headlined by New York City legend Danny Tenaglia, underground techno and acid maestro Josh Wink, the industrial techno enigmatic figure that is Headless Horseman, and experimental techno-wizard Rrose. But the Day programming doesn’t stop there. Attendees will also get to experience Detroit native and long-time Brooklyn resident Lauren Flax fresh off the release of her “Out of Reality” album, as well as DJ Hyperactive and Truncate delivering an explosive, jacking back-to-back techno performance.

REFORM has also joined forces with Moe Espinosa aka Drumcell, whose BL_K NOISE imprint will be curating a dedicated Live Stage featuring performances by Richard DevineBaseckDeruKindohm, as well as Moe himself performing alongside Surachai as Sentence. The room will also feature visuals by OKTAform, one of the leading electronic music VJs in the world.

Rounding up the Day programming, REFORM has decided to give focus to the burgeoning Los Angeles techno scene, featuring sets by Annika WolfeJelaniJeniluvMonsieur FrazierØnyx b2b Insical, and Trovarsi (Live), several of whom will be performing in a dedicated Discovery Stage that aims to showcase artists who have put in great work right here at home in LA.

REFORM is powered by the teams behind respected underground event curators 6AM GroupSynthetik Minds and Dirty Epic, so while the Day programming is essentially a mini-festival on its own, the roots of REFORM will remain forever ingrained in the underground. It is with that in mind that REFORM is collaborating with DJ Mag for the official REFORM by Night lineup that will see underground techno mastermind DVS1 curate the entire night at an undisclosed location, from the sound system to lineup. For the occasion, DVS1 is inviting Bernt and Lonefront (Live) from his home city of Minneapolis to perform alongside him, as well Los Angeles’ very own Lindsey Herbert to open up the dances.

REFORM By Night tickets are available exclusively for attendees of REFORM by Day.

Tickets for REFORM 2021 are available on DICE:

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