Raw and edgy are the perfect words to describe the music collective, The Regency’s, latest release entitled ‘Love Lately’. Is a boundary-breaking song that dances between the lines of alternative rock and dance music in one delightful package. Headed by the talented indie producer, Mike Baker, you will find the voice of Kyra B and the collective minds of Robert Smith, Lazro, and Travis Gibb all behind ‘Love Lately’.

“The Magic of music is that you don’t have to tell the story as it actually happens. It can be coated, so that it means something to you, but that meaning can be different to the listener. There’s this power in it”. – Mike Baker

‘Love Lately’ possesses elements of a deep house and chill house track with an awesome pairing of guitar riffs, echoes of Kyra B’s voice, all blending together and reconstructing what would be considered as a tradition dance music tune. The Regency also offers a ‘Mass Transit’ mix that is grungier take on the original’s ambiance.

Check the single out down below!

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