This Article Was Originally Written On May 13th, 2016!

Kaskade drew more than 25,000 fans last Saturday night with his biggest solo show to date, which for any DJ it’s an important part of their career to headline such a massive solo show. The unprecedented event, presented by Insomniac and Exchange LA, was the first electronic dance music event of it’s kind to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in its 45-year history. Tickets for the show sold out under one day as well as his exclusive Exchange LA after-party and Redux show at The Hollywood Palladium. All three events set new records, and what better man to do then none other than Kaskade? Legendary stuff, guys!

For those who missed Kaskade’s Los Angeles Convention Center Set, he was gracious enough to upload it for your listening pleasure. Stream the full 2.5 hours set below and be sure to spread the article with your friends


While you’re here you can also listen to Kaskade’ REDUX set at The Hollywood Palladium, which he played the night before his LACC event.

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