This year’s EDC Las Vegas saw a low amount of arrests over the weekend. The show saw 150,000 total people in attendance each day, but only had 12 misdemeanor arrests and 51 felony or gross misdemeanor arrests over the course of the weekend. The official report from Reno Gazette Journal also reports a meager four misdemeanor citations for the entire weekend, Better still, there were only two DUIs that occurred on Sunday.

The log does not give details about each arrest and includes no information about health-related incidents. Las Vegas police were not immediately available Sunday morning to comment on details of the arrests. Information on numbers related to medical emergencies will be available soon.


• Misdemeanor citations: 1

• Misdemeanor arrests: 2

• Felony and gross misdemeanor arrests: 25

• DUI arrests: 0


• Misdemeanor arrests: 4

• Felony or gross misdemeanor arrests: 10

• DUI arrests: 0


 • Misdemeanor citations: 4

 • Misdemeanor arrests: 7

• Felony or gross misdemeanor arrests: 13

• DUI arrests: 2


 • Misdemeanor citations: 4

 • Misdemeanor arrests: 12

• Felony or gross misdemeanor arrests: 51

• DUI arrests: 2


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