The new year is here, and every artist who promised new music in 2018 is potentially getting their phones and inboxes blown up right now. Rob Swire’s particular location of interest would be his mentions on Twitter, in which a fan asked him about new Knife Party AND Pendulum EPs previously promised. Swire immediately confirmed that and more were on the way.

First and foremost, the band plans to release a new remix album to warm us up for the new slew of originals; this would be their biggest remix release to date, so we’d expect to see a slew of artists we love to fill the list of remixers.

While the Knife Party EP was simply confirmed, the Pendulum Album was given more detail; Swire said he may want to split it into two EPs, most likely for thematic focus. However the band wants to present it, we’re excited to hear one of the Dance Music world’s biggest influencers show us how it’s done.

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