Robbie Rivera is a man who needs no introduction. A pioneer in the world of dance music and the founder of Juicy Music, Robbie Rivera is a HOUSEhold name. He’s produced countless tracks that have rocked the world’s dance floors and DJed all over the world. This time he teams up with Cuba’s own PAUZA and Cartagena’s Gerardo Varela on their latest track, ‘Agua Pa Beber’. Heavy on the Latin house, the song will bring the warm weather to you no matter the setting. A thumping rolling bassline that’s supplemented by Gerardo Varela voice, it’s the perfect set up for summer vibes.

PAUZA is the first female DJ duo to rise from Cuba. A play on words of their first names, Paula and Zahira, the two are both DJs and producers bringing their skills and sounds to the studio with Rivera. Together these four individuals have created a house anthem truly special with ‘Agua Pa Beber’.

Listen to it down below!

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