Following the release of his of Wendy Matthews’ ‘The Day You Went Away’ remake, Rocco Bene is back with a highly anticipated collaboration with Dutch producer Laurentius and Uk’s own Ruffloaderz. ‘Have The Faith’ is a pop dance music record put out recently by the Australian producer that is attempting to make waves with his heart-felt single. He invites Laurentius and Ruffloaderz to do their best at their own house remixes of ‘Have The Faith’.

What resulted is a culmination of 9-tracks remixed in different subgenres of house to fully capture the vibes and direction of Laurentius and Ruffloaderz. From deep house and hands in the air summer anthems, Rocco Bene’s ‘Have The Faith’ remix EP will add to his momentum, as he continues to rise and raise standards on his own repertoire.

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