Rüfüs Du Sol is blessing us with their fourth LP.

It has been two years since Solace, a studio album that wrecked our souls and brings emotion every time. The Australian trio has finally reassured fans that a fourth album is coming out way.

This summer saw revisions of Lastlings’ “No Time.” It was teased as one of the many things to come, without any further detail given. They finally added to that on a Twitter thread surrounding their Headphone Selections playlist. The playlist came out six months ago and has been updated weekly since then. It was created as a way to showcase music and must-know producers. With the pandemic, every industry was hit, but especially the music industry. RUFUS used this playlist as a way to connect people to new music without festivals and shows. Recently in the Twitter thread, RUFUS added that an unnamed LP is being worked on every day.

We don’t have much more detail other than that – when this is coming out, how long it’ll be, or what to expect. But we do now have this unnamed LP to look forward to. Until then, we can listen to a lot of other greatness that RUFUS has given us – whether it is another listen on Solace,  their Joshua Tree set that we know and love, or other past performances.

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