Rüfüs Du Sol posted a long-awaited look at their 45 minute set in Joshua Tree. The views are among the best a passionate musician could ask to play in; the Sydney band of three were perched in the middle of a sea of mountains adorned with white strips of light to add to the vast intrigue of the National Park.

“People talk a lot of shit in the desert at 5 am, but walking around this alien world at dawn, we definitely felt there was something calling us back out there,” says Drummer James Hunt. “So over an 18 month period, we workshopped ideas and locations and finally were able to put time aside to shoot in September last year…We originally planned for it to be a live stream, but as the idea grew and the production got bigger and bigger, it organically morphed into a film.“

The set traverses hits over the course of Du Sol’s career, featuring the heightened spirit the three bring to all of their live shows. Today, fans can purchase the live album and film to keep and blare out of a home theater system.

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