Hailing from the cold front of Russia, Kiki Doll is here to melt the snow with her soothing voice and unique production she dubs as synth pop. Sensual vocals and a slower club house production is the name of her game as she attempts to take on her own global takeover. The talented fashionista has been curating and creating her own music since 2012 and has won a scores of support for her singles, ‘Sway’, ‘Buy Someone New’ and ‘Maniac’.

‘City’ takes a more smooth, laidback approach that really showcases the power of Kiki Doll’s voice. A steady house production complemented with strong basslines will have you moving and grooving to the beat of the drums. If you aren’t a synth pop fan yet, you will be after listening to Kiki Doll!

Listen to ‘City’ down below:

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