Following the release of his debut ambient album, F51.01, the electronic music producer, Ryan Summers, has return with a darker, sophomore album. He explains that much of the new album drew influences from current political climate that the seemingly western world is undergoing. Although not particularly bright, Summers channels the bleak sentiments in geopolitical issues, totalitarian politics, and the anxieties displayed on social media for ‘ii’.

“I realized at a certain point I was using social media as a way to distract myself as I listened back to the pieces I was working on. While it wasn’t intentional, it clearly had an effect on the directions I took. I started to see these songs as a journey through the past year and what I was experiencing internally…

…To me, 2017 felt something like an episode of Black Mirror. That’s how I’d sum up this album.” -Ryan Summers

You’ll find that in Summers ‘ii’ release features a similar production approach to his debut album. Drawn out, thematic synthesizer chords, ominous tones, and yet the themes are entirely different. Unlike ‘F51.01’, which was a much more personal take on Summers struggle with insomnia, ‘ii’ is Summers’ takeaway from his thoughts and experiences of 2017. ‘Nightshift’ opens and displays long, dark, progressive chords that evokes feelings of ominous events ahead. ‘Shapeless’ captures the internal anxiety that many of us tend to deal with as we see our friends, families, or online strangers posting about the ongoing evils and villains tainting the political and social landscapes.

‘ii’ has been an exceptional follow-up by Ryan Summers, check out the album down below for more!

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