GDE: Hey Saint Misha & Dani, welcome to Global Dance Electronic & how has your year been so far?

Saint Misha: So far, it’s been very exciting. Started a new record label, releasing lots more music, and connecting with some great artists and vocalists.

Dani: Yes same!! Last two years have been a creative grind. I feel grateful for the time and relationships I’ve made.

GDE: Let’s jump right in & chat about your new single ‘Feel My Love’, how long has the record been in the works?

Dani: I actually wrote the first version of this song 7 years ago! It had a slow very euphoric sound. Always felt it needed to be produced by an EDM producer, and so here we are!

Saint Misha: After our first record together, Dani came to me with this vocal idea and I just had to work on it. It reminded me and my team of a Medina type record, emotional and melodic, and we had a vision of what it could become. 

GDE: How did you both first meet & is this the first time you’ve worked together?

Saint Misha/Dani: We actually met through the industry! Quite a few people mentioned we should link-up, so I reached out to Dani and we really connected creatively. This is actually our second record together! Our first was “On My Mind” which was on Gemstone (Revealed) back in 2020. 

GDE: Saint Misha, with previous releases on Gemstone (Revealed) & Enormous Tunes (Chills), can you tell us a little about your journey into the industry? 

Saint Misha: Music has always been a big part of my life. As a child I took piano, eventually got into the club side of things, and more recently djing. I’ve been djing in Toronto for a few years now and really wanted to get involved in the musical side of things. I reached out to good friend Chris Ramos who has some great releases and a studio, and the rest is history. We’ve made a plethora of tracks, and I’ve been working day and night to move my career and skills forward.

GDE: What’s been a personal highlight for you career wise to date?

Saint Misha: I think its a combination of getting my first release on Enormous Tunes and then it being supported by Hardwell on Hardwell On Air. Hardwell then subsequently signed my next record to his label. I’m grateful to have those opportunities so early on in my career.

GDE: With ‘Feel My Love’ being released on Feels Like Records, how did the single end up on the label?

Saint Misha: Well after dealing with the Yes/No culture or non-responses from the industry regarding demos, my partner Chris Ramos and I created “Feels Like Records” to break the mould and give artists real feedback. Feel My Love felt like the big bold record to start the label off with, and we are looking at 20-30 more releases minimum this year.

GDE: Saint Misha, in three words – how would you describe your sound?

Saint Misha: Deep, Emotional, and Bassy.

GDE: And finally, what’s next for you both as we look further into 2022?

Saint Misha: Many more releases, with Feels Like Records, including bootlegs, remixes and collaborations. Just wait for the bangers to drop.

Dani: Same same! Releases and a big secret “tour” (can’t expand on it yet..) in the fall. Mental Health initiatives are very important to me, so I’m using my music to raise funding with a very “time consuming” project 🙂 all I can say! 😉

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