World musician Mohamed Assani is pleased to present an official music video for ‘Lullaby for Guli’. A single off his latest EP, Wayfinder, the single is tribute to Mother’s everywhere. Mohamed jams out on his sitar, giving you a first hand account on the fusing between South Asian music with new age elements such as electronic music. The result is an impeccable blend of East meets West, and yet it feels so familiar. ‘Lullaby for Guli’ showcases Mohamed’s mastery of the sitar and the accompanying music video provides his audience with a soothing visual of seaside landscapes and waves.

Mohamed is considered a leader in this field of music, by taking something tradition such as the sitar, and introducing new elements to bring generations of music lovers together. His album ‘Wayfinder’ was released in 2020 and has received international acclaim. Georgia Strait newspaper calls Assani a ‘one-of-a-kind innovator’ and we can see exactly why!

Find out for yourself and watch ‘Lullaby for Guli’ down below!

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