Seven Lions gets our 2021 started by rewinding the clock 22 years with a remix of his hit single with HALIENE Rush over Me. The classic Trance take could have easily fit into a set from back then; dreamy analog pad sounds and a mesmerizing lead melody gives HALIENE’s performance a new and exciting backdrop.

This release is just the first slice of Trance you can expect from the Ophelia label boss this year. A full “1999” style EP will contain three yet unannounced remixes from the Seven Lions catalog. One of the three was teased a week and change ago on Twitter:

Ophelia’s embrace of traditional and cutting edge Trance is clear, thanks to the numerous Twitch streams they host. A spirited style throwback like this is a great way to kick off a new season of broadcasts.

Check out the Rush Over Me remix below and keep an ear out for news of the rest of the 1999 EP soon. 

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