Honing in on the darker realms of his productions, Grammy award-winning DJ and producer, Sharam, has released the first of four parts to his ambitious “Collecti’ project. ‘Collecti’ opens with ‘Scorpi’, an aggressive bassline single that rattled with crunchy vocal synths. ‘Mini’ follows in second with a steady side-to-side groove with wall-scratching acid elements that gives off a trippy effect and a prolonged buildup. ‘Spaci’ offers listeners a little bit of house flavors with its sultry, hip-swaying basslines. Sharam finishes the first part of ‘Collecti’ with a remastering of his 2010 ‘Hemi’ single, a techno track focused on elements of distortion, acid, and static drum patterns.

Grab your copy HERE.

“Collecti is a culmination of work that represents my endeavors into a sound that has always been near and dear to my heart and central to my sets: Techno. For my last album Retroactive, I was fixated on all of my influences over the years, for this album, however, my focus is on the darker realms. These records are my dance floor experiments, my secret weapons, tracks that have been driving my sets and I’m excited to share this body of work with everyone.” – Sharam

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