Pop stars and mainstream artists fill a certain niche that is easily overplayed. Whether its the bling’d out rap culture, where most of it has lost its way in terms of the true message of the music, or pop artists that seems to sing about the same theme of young summer love and partying like the night is never going to end; it’s hard to find an artist that has real, resonating message. That is, until we heard what Wengie had in store with her latest release ‘Mr. Nice Guy’. Lyrically, you’ll find a girl who finds her own real world Mr. Nice Guy, and guess what it actually all turns out the way you’d want it to. Wengie has enlisted Pinoy pop superstar, Iñigo Pascual, to feature a verse in Tagalog. Here are a few words from Wengie on ‘Mr. Nice Guy’:

“In a culture where bad boys get a lot of attention, this song is refreshing about a girl finding her Mr. Nice Guy and not having to worry about being hurt and feeling safe. I loved working with Iñigo and he was perfect for this as I wanted to create something that was really me and one that I know the fans will resonate with and enjoy!” – Wengie

The ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ single comes in several versions: an English and Tagalog version, but also features a heavy-hitting trap remix from Shawn Wasabi. If you haven’t already heard of the name, he’s responsible for infamous mashups on his Midi Fighter 64, one in particular ‘Marble Soda’ clocks in at over 27 million views on YouTube and mashes up 117 songs in 2:49 minutes. Shawn Wasabi provides a darker rendition to ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ giving a more ‘gangster’ vibe.

Check it out down below, you’ll want to turn you bass up!

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