90’s techno influencer, Shazz, help curate the French dance music scene during the nurturing years of the 90s. It was then that Shazz added to burgeoning electronic music scene his own melodic techno productions that would make him a household name and staple to the scene. In 1994, he met the legendary laurent Garnier and Ludovic Navarre aka St. Germain. With well over two decades of experience under his belt, Shazz is pleased to announce the release of a few reworks of past releases on this new ‘S’ EP.

This 3-track installment includes remixes from the likes of D’Julz, Satoshi Tomiie, & Agrume, who each add their own modern twists to Shazz’ past works. Consider this the beginning of a sonic revival of Shazz’ previous releases as listeners can expect future reworks from the likes of Ian Pooly, DJ Butch, and many more to come!

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